Musicl Download Plus website shop was started by Soundblitz Records so that our artists can get a better return for their efforts than what is currently offered by Online retailers such as Amazon and iTunes etc.

All the products both tangible and digital downloads are from our own signed artists and they are all heavily discounted so you, the customer gets a better deal too.

We also offer an Affiliate program for those wishing to earn from referring people to our website. We pay an affiliate when they refer someone to our site and also when a sale is made even on digital downloads.

The site is new, we hope you like it...if you have any issues or constructive criticism we would be pleased to hear from you. was granted a syndicated licence by NightrideUSA and continues to stream although the USA station has closed for the time being. It is hoped that NightrideUSA will commence operations in the future. NightrideUK is pleased to provide mix-downs of Interviews etc. on our website.

The Radio Stream will also broadcast worldwide 24/7/365


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